Lives in Normandy, France

“Lil’” because the shorter


Traveled around the World in an RV for 22 months with her 3 kids.

Her sports: Biking, running, hiking...






Lives in Miami, FL

“Lil’” because the youngest.


Entrepreneur, Doula and creator of French diapering lotion La Petite Crème (natural French diapering lotion).

Her sports: Half-marathon, triathlon, swimming... 


Our Team

"We grew up as a Team!


As kids, we moved a lot due to our Dad's job.

New school, new house, new city... It can be scary for a child.
Yet, I was never scared of the unknown and the challenge that was ahead of me. Why? Because no matter what, my Sister would be there with me.

And I knew together we would be ok.

So it's only natural that today we are taking this new challenge together.

Because she is the only partner I could do something that crazy with!"    


"The kids, the jobs, the responsabilities - like many women our age we are struggling to get it all done without losing ourselves in the process. 

This race is our way to stop time and reconnect with who we are - as women, as individuals, as sisters."